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Cars equipped with 10-cylinder engines certainly evoke the admiration of many drivers around the world. Their power, acceleration and growling sound is the reason for the appearance of a smile on faces, and the majestic look under the hood, additionally raises our emotions. These engines, otherwise known as “V10” can be found in a growing range of cars. We can find them inside BMW M5, Dodge Viper, Lamborghini Gallardo or Ford Triton, and many others, which can mostly be fitted with an autogas system. The large capacity of the drives, and the performance of 500 horsepower, make the fuel consumption extremely large. The best solution in this situation is the installation of a gas system with a reliable and high efficient ECU DIGITRONIC AEB 2010.

What is DIGITRONIC AEB 2010?

It is an electronic control unit designed to manage a sequential autogas system. It was created to fulfil therequirements of users who have cars equipped with engines up to 10 cylinders. Connects via a harness with three 24-pin sockets located on the bottom of the unit. A very important feature of DIGITRONIC AEB 2010 is that the unit performs ideally both in LPG and CNG systems. This increases the range of editing options. Thanks to a special housing, the Arctic frosts and desert heat are not intimidating, because DIGITRONIC AEB 2010 is able to withstand temperatures as low as -40°C up to even 100°C.
The exact specification is available at this link: DIGITRONIC AEB 2010 ELECTRONIC SET

Kit contents:

Each set contains the DIGITRONIC 2010 control unit. The next component is a wiring harness for ECU connection, a sensor integrated with gas pressure and a MAP sensor, a switch between gas and fuel. In addition, we will find a bag with the necessary accessories to connect the DIGITRONIC 2010 set.

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