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Beginning of the new year is usually the time of summaries and plans. What we also thought, it would be fantastic to provide our partners a special present – new version of software for DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS multipoint injection systems. Updates, which were made will make work of installers easier and calibration of the system even more precise.

The greatest change in new software is improvement of autocalibration mode, where the petrol time acquisition is faster and more precise than before. To be able to use the new autocalibration, it is necessary to update the firmware of the gas ECU. The firmwares that have the new autocalibration are:

MP32_#00568 – for DIGITRONIC MP32
2001MP_#01145 – for DIGITRONIC MP48
2001MPOBD_#00981 – for DIGITRONIC MP48OBD

In addition, new firmwares have been provided for:

MP6C_#01335 – for DIGITRONIC MP6C
2568D_#01342 – for DIGITRONIC 2568D

Please note:

After the firmware update it is necessary to make a reset of ECU. If the reset of ECU won’t be done, the new autocalibration might not work properly.


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