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This statement was key to the seminar, which was carried out by our Marketing Manager – Piotr Trusiewicz. He delivered the lecture on Segmentation and Supply Chain in B2B environment during his visit at Northumbria University in Newcastle, UK last Friday.

“From Segmentation to Partnership in B2B” was the subject of lecture delivered for students of business related courses of Northumbria University in Newcastle 1st of February 2019. As a part of Reunion event organised by Alumni association, Piotr Trusiewicz – Marketing Manager of DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS went through tactics of communication strategy. He showed how supply chain of organisation can be quickly adapted for segmentation purposes and communication strategy aiming at particular segment.

I am very happy to be invited by Alumni association to such amazing event, which Reunion is. It is very rewarding to be back to one of the best universities in UK to see again lecturers, who provided me such a good knowledge base during my studies here. It is also fantastic to be able to share experience and impact education of others’ by showing real life examples of tactics, which really work. – says Piotr Trusiewicz, Marketing Manager of DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS.

In DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS we believe that Marketing is all about making others’ life easier and having this statement in mind, we deliver a strategy to support our partners to help them achieve their goals and objectives. We know that resources of our clients in terms of time and other assets are very often limited and this is why we as a Marketing department are here for them. Our experience already showed that joined efforts and simply doing things together always bring the best results and we will definitely stick to it. – adds Piotr.

During Reunion event many directors and managers of marketing departments from various companies showed up to catch up and share their experience with students at Northumbria University. Among different lecturer rooms, besides of DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS, representatives of businesses such as DFS, Red Bull, MXB, British American Tobacco, Magility GmgH, Visualsoft and many other national and global brands could be found. Sessions delivered by them covered multiple marketing topics such as digital marketing, customer data, B2B and international.

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