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The mechanical parts of the known and reputable company Tomasetto Achille do not need to be introduced to any installer or distributor of autogas systems around the world. Over 35 years of experience of the company and continuous development of production processes allows for constant adaptation of products to the current needs of specific markets. Thanks to this approach, a Nordic product line has been available for some time – the successful successor of Alaska’s flagship reducers.

Back in 2017 we already wrote about the appearance of a new reducer, which was AT09 Nordic and briefly described the most important differences compared to the AT09 Alaska Super. The introduction of Nordica to the market was, however, only the first step in the strategic change regarding the entire product line of Tomasetto reducers designated for LPG autogas systems.

We are pleased that together with our partner – Tomasetto Achille, we can provide our customers with better and better productsm which allow them for even better optimization of assembled autogas installations. Our cooperation dates back to the beginnings of DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS, that is, for over 20 years, we have been jointly supplying the best quality components in accordance with the common values ​​that are the foundation for the development of our companies. The experience we have gained during this time is the result of a joint pursuit of goals that we are achieving through partnership relations. We are convinced that thanks to them we will constantly develop and support each other as it has been so far. “Says Julia Furmanek – the owner of DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS.

The offer of DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS now includes Nordic and Nordic XP reducers, which maximum serviced power is 125 and 180 kW respectively. Soon there will also be an AT13 XP model with a maximum serviced 275 kW of power, which is to replace the Antartic Super model.

The whole series has a more flexible selection of the appropriate reducer due to the widening of the scope of work. Below is a comparison of the supported maximum power of individual models from the Nordic series and predecessors:

Tomasetto Nordic

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